Garbage Collection

We offer professional and highly efficient services in handling all types of waste.

Our waste is categorized as below:

General Waste

Hazardous waste

Biomedical waste

Gardening waste

Construction waste

Garbage Collection - Residential

Bins (Nrb) Services has proved to be the leading and most reliable garbage collector over the years. Our business is ensuring that your residential premises are garbage-free, clean, and free from rodents. We supply you with our NEMA-approved bags and ensure that your waste is collected on time. Our experienced staff ensures that your estates and compounds are left clean as they pick up your waste. Try our affordable and very efficient services, we assure you that you won’t regret it.

Garbage Collection - Commercial

We closely work with SME’S and Corporates to help them keep a clean environment by collecting and disposing of their waste in relation to NEMA standards and regulations. The frequency of collection varies from client to client, depending on the agreement we have. We have a variety of receptacles that suit your waste production ranging from skips, drums, garbage bags, among others. Our services are affordable, effective, and reliable. Trust us and be sure that your waste will be handled in a legal, environmental and effective way with minimal disturbance to your business because we are the experts.

Garbage Collection - Special

Special collection garbage collection services are offered to clients who have unusually large amounts of waste that require special disposal. The rates and schedule for collections are subject to the agreement between Bins and the client. Special waste is disposed of depending on the type of waste, one of the ways of disposing of the special waste is incineration. We ensure that our clients are issued a certificate after their waste is incinerated. Whatever your garbage needs are, whether a single home, estate, or business enterprise, we got you covered. Talk to us today and we will be delighted to be at your service.