Our Mission


Our mission is a statement of our purpose; it describes what we stand for and where we want to go.
To satisfy the customer through the provision of “excellent” services is our mission and purpose.
Only by achieving provision of “excellent” service can our overall objectives be met.


Bins (Nairobi) Services Ltd aims to grow at a sustainable rate for the benefit of its shareholders, staff, and customers and will constantly look for new services or products in an effort to constantly be in a position to provide better quality services at reasonable prices.



  • Bins believes in providing quality affordable service to the customer.  This is by putting customers first, understanding their needs and seeking continuous feedback while reinventing its products
  • Bins believes in the quality of its people, recognizing they are the most valuable resource the company has. This is by consistently investing in training and development to enhance their contribution and prospects.
  • Bins believes in teamwork. This is by having a mindset that acknowledges people’s strengths, supporting and promoting a One-Bins Approach
  • Bins believes in the provision of quality/excellent service to the customer (both Internal and External)
  • Bins believes in openness, honesty and integrity; every activity it undertakes must be able to pass the test of public and internal scrutiny. This is by being straightforward in its dealings. Leading by example by honoring commitments.
  • Bins believes in protecting the environment. This is by the use of safe equipment and methods.
  • Bins is a progressive proactive organization. By constantly looking for and finding new methods to better serve our customers.
  • Bins is a Professional Organization. This is by being a performance driven organization with a well developed performance management culture for its sustainable growth; having an open, honest and critical two-way feedback.
  • Bins is an Equal Opportunity Employer. This is by having a well developed Recruitment and Remuneration System which is adhered to, to the letter regardless of race, color, tribe or nationality.
  • Bins believes in making work a "fun" experience. This is by adhering to ALL these VALUES

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