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The first ever Private Garbage Collection Company in Kenya, Bins (Nairobi) Services Limited was incorporated on 14th October 1986. It began operating in 1989. To this day, Bins (Nairobi) Services Limited remains the largest Private Garbage Collection Company in Kenya.
With the advent of modern towns and cities, and the effects of industrialization on the environment, it had become increasingly necessary to find efficient Solid Waste Management system to deal with the increase in garbage generated.
Bins (Nairobi) Services Limited was started by a group of entrepreneurs, who recognized that the Nairobi City Council were no longer in a position to meet their obligations and decided to fill the gap in the provision of garbage collection and disposal services.
From humble beginnings with Less than 20 staff members, less than 100 customers, six trucks, one room office and a small yard on Kampala Road Industrial Area. BINS has grown to  having over 3,000 customers, collecting on average 45 Tones each day, owning a fleet of 17 trucks and its own premises housing a Workshop, Mechanical shop, Stores and an Administration Block. Staff numbers now standing at 180 distributed between the various departments ie Sales & Marketing, Accounts, Operations, Fleet, Information Technology and Human Resource. All Departments intertwined to meet the Company’s overall objective as well as accomplish the company’s Mission. From the days of using a Single Laptop to do all administration work and billings to a point where every departments operates on our Local Area Network.

Note: Bins does not handle Toxic/ hazardous waste

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